Main Square Festival

The Main Square Festival is a big musical event in Arras, north of France. Metronomy took part in 2012 and performed on the Green Room Stage (a Green Room EP followed soon after). This is a good performance from the English Riviera era. We can finally hear Anna sing! :D

Strangely enough You Could Easily Have Me doesn't close the show, instead they perform a great extended version of Loving Arms. It's also one of the last times they performed The End Of You Too!

:: Download the bootleg as a ZIP file ::

Tracklist & a couple of excerpts:

  1. Some Written
  2. The Bay
  3. Love Underlined
  4. Heartbreaker
  5. She Wants
  6. Everything Goes My Way
  7. The End Of You Too
  8. Holiday
  9. Trouble
  10. Corinne
  11. You Could Easily Have Me
  12. A Thing For Me
  13. The Look
  14. The English Riviera
  15. We Broke Free
  16. Radio Ladio
  17. Loving Arm
Main Square Festival