La Musicale

La Musicale Live is a show on french cable television channel CANAL+. Metronomy are regular musical guests on CANAL+ (Le Grand Journal etc.). That time they delivered a great performance, playing some songs they usually skip at gigs like Monstrous, Never Wanted, Call Me and The Most Immaculate Haircut. Great stuff!

:: Download the whole bootleg as a ZIP file ::

Tracklist & excerpt:

  1. Monstrous
  2. Month Of Sundays
  3. Love Letters
  4. The Look
  5. I'm Aquarius
  6. Reservoir
  7. Call Me
  8. Side 2
  9. Corinne
  10. Boy Racers
  11. Never Wanted
  12. The Most Immaculate Haircut
La Musicale