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This very rare 2002 demo surfaced on Discogs in 2020. I imagine this demo was the one sent out to Anticat when things were starting to happen for Metronomy. Anticat had planned to create a 6-track Pip Paine EP featuring The 3rd and Gescom's remix, and Pip Paine.
The design and production was handled by De-mo.org.uk, which I believe was his father's design studio.
The 3rd is identical to the one on the debut album, the other tracks are previously unheard material.

Special thanks to Client_D!

:: Download the 4 Tunes From Metronomy demo as a ZIP file ::

Tracklist & excerpt:

  1. Intro (Metronomy Theme)
  2. The 3rd
  3. Bented
  4. Pip Paine (Pay Back The £2,500 You Owe)
4 Tunes From...