All Those Evenings

All Those Evenings is a fan-made compilation gathering live performances from the 2005-2010 era. It covers the Metronomy & the Food Groups, Metronomy, and Metronomy 2.0 line-ups.

Emphasis is put on unique, interesting or characteristic performances throughout the years and places. Don't expect the audio quality to be always top notch as most come from amateur recordings. However be assured to listen to an exhaustive Metronomy live experience from that era.

:: Download the whole compilation as a ZIP file ::

Tracklist & a couple of excerpts:

Disc 1
  1. Nights Out (2009, Live at Glastonbury Festival)
  2. Holiday (2008, Live in Manchester)
  3. On The Motorway (2009, Live at C/O POP Festival)
  4. Back On The Motorway (2010, Live at Pohoda Festival)
  5. My Heart Rate Rapid (2008, Live on Couleur3)
  6. What Do I Do Now? (2009, Live at Planeta Terra Festival)
  7. Not Made For Love (2009, Live for Janice Long)
  8. We Are The People (2009, Live for Like A Version)
  9. A Thing For Me (2009, Live on Popcirkus)
  10. The Look (2010, Live at Bicycle Film Festival)
  11. Let's Have A Party (2008, Live at The Cockpit)
  12. On Dancefloors (2009, Live for BBC Electric Proms)
  13. You Could Easily Have Me (2009, Live at Bestival)
Disc 2
  1. [untitled] ("Here's Metronomy") (2005, Live at Soldout)
  2. [unknown track] (2005, Live at Polar Central)
  3. Heartbreaker (2007, Live in Turin)
  4. Black Eye/Burnt Thumb (2008, Live at Offset Festival)
  5. [unknown track] (2006, Live at London Calling)
  6. Hear To Wear (2006, Live at London Calling)
  7. The End Of You Too (2009, Live in Sydney)
  8. Love Song For Dog (2005, Live at Soldout)
  9. Are Mums Mates? (2008, Live at The Scala)
  10. Radio Ladio (2009, Live at Reading Festival)
  11. You Could Easily Have Me (2007, Live at O2 Wireless Festival)
All Those Evenings